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Vegetable-Forward Cooking with a Rhythmical Flair

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I am so honored to share that I was a competitor on the premier episode of It's CompliPlated, Food Network's only plant-based cooking competition hosted by Tabitha Brown.

Satisfying all palates, specifically those with vegetarian and vegan diets, it still considered a nuisance or even boring by many chefs. Not me though! I am always looking to plant-based ingredients for my inspiration because in my mind, their flavors, textures, and versatility are what enable a dish to truly shine. So with additional limitations due to certain food preferences or restrictions and thus the chance to be even more creative, all I can say is bring the challenge on!

Stream the episode, 'Dinner Party at My Place, Y'all!' on Food Network or Discovery+ to see how I handled some tricky eaters with aversions to gluten, fruit, and almost every vegetable there is. And check out the trailer below!

Host Tabitha Brown with Contestants Keven Lee, Stephen Augustin, Alexis Sicklick and Jeffr

What is Syncopated?

Learn about Chef Alexis and how she composed Syncopated to further
her culinary career. 


My cookbook

Self-published in December 2020, this cookbook is packed with entertaining, nostalgic recipes for whenever you crave some ballet magic!

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