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My Cookbook!

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The Story Behind

This Cookbook is for Dancing:

A Taste of The Nutcracker

In early October of 2020, I was beginning to become nostalgic for activities and happenings that I loved about the upcoming holiday season. I realized very quickly that The Nutcracker was certainly going to be more challenging to experience than ever before, but I did not want to lose touch with this tradition that has brought me tremendous joy as a dancer for so many years.

I was also searching for a project to further my cooking and reach more people in quarantine when I remembered that dance has such a magical way of bringing people together. Then I had the perfect idea - a Nutcracker-themed cookbook!

I hope this cookbook fulfills your Nutcracker, epicurean, and celebratory wishes while introducing a new way to embrace and appreciate the beauty of the holidays!


Included in this cookbook is a collection of 21 recipes and anecdotes that relate to every scene in The Nutcracker with numerous savory and sweet treats full of intriguing twists. The dishes are approachable and can be created with others if you are spending these occasions with family and friends, but also evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort even if you are on your own.


These recipes are generally plant-forward and nut-based –all are gluten-free and vegetarian, and they are jam-packed with flavor and decadence!


Not only does this cookbook have scrumptious dishes, but it also features timely anecdotes and reflections for the season. I fashioned the book as a way to think about the past year for young children to adults, using the themes of the Nutcracker story to create a more universal connection and understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


Concepts highlighted include sharing happiness, overcoming challenges, beginning anew with the start of every year, gaining wisdom from family both current and past, and appreciating the diversity amongst everyone - I am eager for this aspect of the cookbook to encourage conversations regarding deeper recollection and personal growth within you and your loved ones as the next year arrives.


Furthermore, there are 
kid-friendly recipe steps highlighted throughout as well as delightful illustrations by my friend Christina Lee, adding additional interactive elements to make this wonderful culinary experience even more original and collaborative as you follow along! 

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